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Individual assessment is a service available to companies and organizations. As it requires extensive investigations, it is most often carried out before important human-resources decisions are made, for example key appointments. An assessment will also provide important indicators of the potential of employees who have been earmarked for promotion to more senior roles.

The following points are covered

  • Client: what is the assessment intended to achieve?
  • Personal characteristics and interpersonal skills
  • Intellectual skills, work style and ability to work under pressure
  • Analysis of potential
  • Reports
    on suitability for the post/function in question
    on future promotion/training


  • Structured interview
  • Psychological testing and consultation, depending on stated aims
  • Work samples/role play/observation of behavior

Presentation of results

  • Employers and assessment participants receive a detailed written report
  • One-to-one discussion of the report and further personal mentoring as required (Coaching)

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